Thursday, September 08, 2005

With the shirt or against the shirt

Remember one of FEMA's high points in their low success rate was when they called for firefighters to be used in the all-critical duty of FEMA flacks and background for photo ops? Surprising no one who has a brain and integrity (in other words, everyone but FEEBLE) some of the firefighters got annoyed and refused to wear the T-shirts (probably emblazoned with "I OFFERED TO HELP WITH HURRICANE KATRINA AND ALL THEY LET ME DO WAS WEAR THIS T-SHIRT"). In response:

"I would go back and ask the firefighter to revisit his commitment to FEMA, to firefighting and to the citizens of this country," said FEMA spokeswoman Mary Hudak. "

Yes, because if you won't shill for FEEBLE (Federal Employees Energetically Bungling Life-saving Efforts) you must be against the citizens of the U.S.! Hell, I bet those blasted firefighters aren't for Iraq or tax cuts!

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