Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Brown down? Rebound!

I don't know why my jaw dropped when I heard that "heckuva" Brownie is still on the payroll at FEMA for consulting. I mean, I feel foolish for even being surprised. This is an administration that continually rewards errors and screwups (see reasons for invading Iraq, cost of Iraq war, plans for post-war Iraq, FEMA, fake news broadcasts, budgets...) and only slams down on people who dare to find fault with them(O'Neill, Shinseki). In their eyes, everything is forgivable except being correct about them being wrong.

And maybe it's possible the Bush people have pulled the ultimate fast one. Imagine:

"heckuva" Brownie: "I feel that FEMA did excellent with their pre-positioning."
Intelligent people: "Jumping Jiminy on a crutch, we better fix the pre-positioning plan!"
"heckuva" Brownie: "I am concerned about communications."
Intelligent people: "Get the people on the communications to help out with the pre-positioning, it must be okay."

It's the reverse oracle - what he predicts is always wrong!

And, um, why exactly do we trust "heckuva" Brownie to say where FEMA went wrong? According to him, it didn't. This would seem to be a very short-term consulting job. "What went wrong?" "Nothing!" "Okay, that's lunch!" Of course, this is following Bush's promise to investigate himself what went wrong on Katrina relief efforts, so we can say this for "heckuva" Brownie - He can follow a leader.

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