Monday, September 19, 2005

Do You Like Risk?

So New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin is calling for people to come back to New Orleans and get it running again. If this were an ad in a paper, it would probably read "Orphans preferred."

I mean, in addition to the probably toxic sludge coating a lot of New Orleans still, and the snarled traffic, and the devastated parishes around New Orleans that will cause some problems one way or another, and everything else going on down there, we're still not done with hurricane season yet. Rita's about to hit Florida, and that's just how Katrina started. Imagine if New Orleans gets hit AGAIN. And the Army Corps of Engineers have stated the levees are still very weak.

All in all, it seems it would be wiser to do something safer for a while. Say, take a job feeding tigers in a zoo while being covered in raw meat. Or walking down the slums of a city wearing a billboard that reads "I'VE GOT $5000 DOLLARS OF UNTRACEABLE MONEY ON ME AND NO ONE KNOWS WHERE I AM!"

You know, something like that.

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