Monday, September 12, 2005

Ding-Dong, Brownie's Gone!

The National Leader Ineptness warning system has lowered to fuschia, after "heckuva" Brownie resigned from FEMA. I notice he did it before Ophelia made landfall...

However, you should be ready for an upgrade any moment now. Brownie hands off FEMA to a man just as unqualified - Patrick Rhodes did stint at the SBA and Commerce Dept. (UPDATE - I am in error. David Paulison, a fire offical, has been selected to head FEMA. Conisider the next paragraphs to now be a last shot at heckuva Brownie.)

President: "So, you have no experience in this field, you've never trained in this field, you've never even volunteered to roll bandages at the Red Cross...why should you be leading FEMA?"

"I'm your number one fan, sir!"

"Congrats, son, you're in."

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