Sunday, September 18, 2005

Brown 2!

Bush catches all kinds of justified Hell for nominating an unqualified person to head FEMA. (And the Congressmen who vetted him and voted him in should also be nailed to the wall.) Showing his fast learning and his speed in understanding where he went wrong, he places Karl Rove in charge of reconstruction efforts in New Orleans.

I only wish this was a line from Letterman or Leno. But nope, this is our President at work here - no man too unqualified to be in charge, no offense too great to be fired for except disloyalty.

He's making a whole new layer of political Lysenkos to match his scientific ones - people who may not have any idea about the field they're in, but they fit what qualities Bush feels are important, namely a.)being a Republican and b.)being loyal.

This isn't good at all. But par for the course.

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