Friday, September 09, 2005

As If We Needed Another Reason

In addition to his stunning ineptness already, we now learn that ol' "heckuva" Brownie lied on his resume, which presumably the Bush people used to hire him. Unless it was purely and simply based on the recommendation from his college buddy Joseph Allbaugh, the last head of FEMA. You know, the good ol' boy network should always trump things like experience and truthfulness.

"Heckuva" Brownie claimed he an assistant city manager with emergency services oversight in Edmund, Oklahoma. Except, well, gee, he was an "assistant TO the city manager", which translates as an intern. Word placement is really important, don't you think?

"Heckuva" Brownie also stated he was an "Outstanding Political Science Professor" at Central State University. Charles Johnson, the News Bureau Director at what is now the University of Central Oklahoma says, basically, "Huh?" No record exists of him being a professor - he MAY have been adjunct instructor.

I'm starting to understand how Guckert/Gannon managed to fool the fact checkers at the White House. I'm starting to understand that Baron Munchausen could get a job at the White House with these fact checkers.

There's even more. "Heckuva" Brownie states he's director of Oklahoma Christian Home, a nursing home in Edmond, and has been from 1983 to the present. But, and I bet you can see this one coming, no one remembers him being on said board, which by the way was dissolved a couple of years ago. How he can still be on a board that's dissolved is better left for another day.

I think falsifying a resume is grounds for dismissal, isn't it? Let me put it simply:


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