Monday, September 26, 2005

Hey, FBI? I got one for you!

Alberto Gonzales has decided to spend the FBI's time and resources on hunting Not child porn. Porn involving consenting, informed adults. (But conservatives believe in individual rights, dammit - or was that the pre-Bush era?)

Already, one group has been hit by Operation Legal Poontang (nsfw). I'm sure many will follow.

So, FBI? I got one for you. From AmericaBlog, we get this charming place. I can hardly wait for these people to get shut down. And maybe we should check out some of the people submitting posts as well? Surely this is some violation of some military code somewhere? (Andrew Sullivan also mentioned this.)

You know, stuff like these sickos makes it a Hell of a lot easier to believe all the abuse stories are true - even before little things like, oh. evidence is considered.

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