Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Aid and comfort...

For everyone who was screaming that Durbin's comments were giving aid and comfort or providing a recruiting slogan for terrorists, what do they think about this one? (from Fark)

On a Florida radio show Friday, Tancredo was asked what the response should be to a nuclear attack on U.S. cities. He answered that if fundamentalist Muslims were to blame, "you could take out their holy sites." When he was asked if he meant bombing Mecca, the congressman said, "Yeah."

He did say later he didn't mean this as an actual attack, just a threat. Now, imagine a spokesman for some group saying, "If a Catholic nukes us, we'll bomb the Vatican." Really doesn't minimize the stupidity, does it?

Not to mention the fairly obvious geopolitical concerns, because of course Saudi Arabia will just continue to sell us oil if we bomb Mecca. Oh, and all the other Muslim groups? They'll understand we weren't bombing THEIR Mecca - just that part of it that belongs to the fundamentalist group that bombed us. 'cause, you know, who wouldn't see it that way?

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