Thursday, October 06, 2005

Update 2 - Iraq

The Iraqi Parliament has now decided to let "voters" mean the same thing no matter what kind of vote cast. The United Nations and some American diplomats raised all kinds of Hell over that little redefinition attempt, and thankfully managed to get sanity back into the vote.

There IS some depressing news, though:

Most members appear to have voted Sunday without clearly understanding what they were voting for, and then reversed themselves on the orders of their party leaders, who were themselves taking orders from the United Nations. "They told us, please don't discuss this or make objections, just vote for the statement," Shatha al-Musawi, a Shiite lawmaker, said of the Shiite leadership.

What better way to engender confidence than by not knowing what you're voting for and then taking orders from higher-ups to undo what you just did? Hmmm...sounds familiar...

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