Friday, October 21, 2005

I Stand Corrected!

And all this time I've thought that ID wasn't a science. Well, according to Michael "Mousetrap" Behe, it most certainly is! As long as you allow for a certain flexibility in the boundaries of the definition of "science", of course.

The side effect of this flexing is the relatively minor fact that astrology is also a science:

Eric Rothschild, attorney for the plaintiffs, asked beau about whether astrology was science. And beau, after hemming and hawing and launching into an abbreviated history of astrology and science, said, under his definition, it is.

Which means that the guy who writes your horoscope in the local paper should be addressed as "DOCTOR", if you please.

Of course, "Mousetrap" also dispayed the almost inbred trait of true believers to deny that things are what they say:

As the cross-examination continued, another pattern developed. Rothschild would show beau, on a big screen in the courtroom, a quote from "Of Pandas and People" and ask him a simple question about it.
The quote said, "Intelligent design means that various forms of life began abruptly through an intelligent agency, with their distinctive features already intact — fish with fins and scales, birds with feather, beaks and wings, etc."
Rothschild asked him whether he believed that statement said intelligent design meant life began abruptly on this planet.
It apparently was a trick question becausebeaue had a hard time answering it.
"I disagree," the scientist said.

Don't think it says what it says, think it says what I think it says!

And this is the main guy for IDiocy, ladies and gents. Maybe we should start debating him this way...

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