Tuesday, October 04, 2005

No, no, everything's going fine!

We just needed to redefine certain terms like "Voters". And if it's a GOOD way - if 2/3 of the actual votes CAST are for the Constitution - than the good votes are votes. But if it's a BAD way - if the constitution is voted down - than "voters" means 2/3 of all registered voters for it to count. So if 100 of 300 people actually vote, and 100 say "Aye!", that's a win! But if 100 people out of 300 vote, and they all vote "Nay!", well, see, that don't count, since it's less than 2/3 of all registered voters. So it's a win too!

Did Tom DeLay assist on this little maneuver?

"It's all a matter of perspective, whether you are interested in the next election or the next generation." - unnamed 2nd Lt. Interviewed by Edward R. Murrow, July 11, 1943. From "In Search of Light"

So...which do YOU think the Shiites and Kurds are interested in?

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