Thursday, October 20, 2005

First Impression

They always say that first impressions matter the most, and in the matter Miers, Bush is an excellent example.

As more and more merde comes out about Miers - her Q-and-Avoid questionnaire, her dumbfounding linkage of the Equal Protection Act and the Voting Rights Act via "proportional representation", a figment of her legal knowledge (cited in Tooth Fairy v. Santa Claus and elves), and her law license oppsies for starters - it is more and more apparent that when Bush claimed she was the most qualified person he could think of, he was either a.)deluded, b.)talking out of his ass (as I believe George Will said, if you asked the top 100 lawyers to list 10 people they thought should be on the Supreme Court, Ms. Miers would have been in none of the 1000 spots) or c.)other.

And here's where first impression matter. "Other" here ranges from cronyism, extreme loyalty, and stupidity. However, had Clinton pulled some move like this, can you guess what the main reason given would have been?

"He's boinking her." Right wing radio would have been all over it. Ann Coulter would have made a book out of it, calling it "Sex in the Supreme Court Nominee". Rush Limbaugh would have opined that Hillary drove Bill to it and that Ms. Miers would be called in days. Bill O'Reilly would have offered a loomfah. Sean Hannity and Bill Bennett would have demanded impeachment.

Now, I don't think there is any sex involved here. For everything wrong I see about Bush, I don't see being a victim of sexual blackmail being part of his faults. I just find it amusing how what may be the most jumped-to assumption in any situation like this - "How did SHE/HE get that job?" "Oh, you know, them and the boss..." - hasn't been mentioned around this particular little debacle.

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