Saturday, August 13, 2005

In A Race to the Bottom, No One Wins

One of the reasons I've given up on the Republican party is their modus operandi when it comes to political arguments - use anything and everything but the truth. It gets old to be lied to in a commercial fashion all the time - "We can cut taxes and fix the deficit with my economic plan, and it'll scrub your laundry whiter than white and make you a better person as well!" I would ask how stupid do they think we are; however, that question always gets answered with a "Wait and see, we'll get worse" reply. No thanks to the press, our bastion of swallowing and regurgitating talking points without mentioned these facts are, oh, wrong. The Democrats aren't innocent at all in this, but it seems like the Republican have internalized this tactic into a reflex.

Now it appears the Democrats - or at least those that are supposedly some major players in the Democratic party - have decided to plummet off the cliff as well. The NARAL ad against John Roberts was just about equal some of the Swift Boat ads (I'm thinking of the guy who said "I served on John Kerry's boat" w/o mentioning he had served on the boat AFTER John Kerry had gone home. By this logic, he also was involved in the My Lai massacre too, since he was in Vietnam w/John Calley) and was rightly repudiated by many on both sides of the political fence, since it was garbage. So, lesson learned? From The Daily Howler, we see:

"Republicans don't mind running an ad that's entirely false, but Democrats have never learned, and I'm not sure many of them want to learn, how to play that kind of politics," said Robert Shrum, an adviser to several Democratic presidential campaigns. NARAL had to pull the ad, he said, because "they weren't getting support from any substantial quarter."

Bob Shrum has managed his way to greatness in the Democratic Party by losing the last two elections against George Bush. Not only that, he has risen to a level of power by being completely incompetent while managing these campaigns. One need only look at how Kerry and Gore responded to the attacks against them - by doing nothing. But now Shrum sees the light! We should have learned how to do the same thing, by Socrates!

Jesus wept. I would rather he rained fire and brimstone on this moron.

Here's an idea - let's give credence to Shrum's thoughts as soon as he does something to show he can actually think.

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