Friday, August 26, 2005

Fox News: We Report Wrongly, You Decide Wrongly

There are several people who argue that Fox News is biased, just as many who argue CNN is biased. That's a judgment call. However, no one who is sane can doubt that Fox News f*cked up BIG TIME here. But accidents happen, granted. How does Fox News correct itself?

A ONE LINE STATEMENT TO THE L.A. TIMES. The moronic lawyer who started the whole thing on Fox News has e-mailed the family. None of which matches the initial impact. It's like sending a Pick-Me-Up bouquet to the country you accidentally bombed.

This kind of error should be met with the same response people demanded CBS do for Rathergate: a full, widely disseminated apology and retraction. And John Loftus should be sued for, I don't know, "public endangerment"? Since "stupidity" is still a protected status.

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