Monday, August 22, 2005

A Hypothetical...

Let's say there's a college that holds to a Christian standpoint, including Intelligent Design. One of its teachers publishes a piece in favor of evolution. In response, the college tries to find ways to fire the teacher, and when that falls through, creates a hostile work environment.

This would raise my blood pressure. And it does when it's the other way around. I hope I've made myself very clear: I am against Intelligent Design. I think it's the equivalent of solving a math problem by writing the equation, the answer, and "THEN A MIRACLE HAPPENS" as the body of work, to rephrase an old cartoon. It's a joke theory and is nothing more than religion masquerading - badly - as science. (If we are created by an Intelligent Designer, can anyone explain the appendix still hanging on? Or the fact we have genes to synthesize vitamin C even though we can't? The New Republic has an excellent article about ID here which mentions these unasked questions.) I am against it.

But I have to be honest - reading the letter linked to in the article, I find several actions that I would consider over-the-top if the teams had been switched. Even taking into account the oddities Chris mentions in the report - all true - as of now, the evidence is that the Smithsonian did try to basically force von Stromberg out for his article. I cannot agree with that. I can hope that the report is wrong, but as of now I see no way to defend the Smithsonian. I hate that - when people on your side do dumb things, it REALLY stings.

Let me make a plug here as well to get Chris's book "The Republican War On Science", which you will see linked on the side of his blog entry. I've preordered it and can't wait to read it.

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