Thursday, June 23, 2005

Of Site Changes and Marriages...

I've often said I have the perfect marriage - mainly because I married the perfect woman. But in addition to her beauty, her intelligence, her sweetness and her patience in putting up with me, we complement each other in many different ways. One of which is how we handle doing new stuff.

I jump right in and just start doing it. Instructions manuals are used for basic setup, and then it's time for, "Ooooh, what does THIS button do?" So when I set up this blog I just learned the basics and started to type, which has been good so far. But there is a lot more I could have been doing.

Enter the smart, beautiful, sweet, patient wife. She's going through blogspot's instructions and seeing all the bells and whistles that I can do. So hopefully, with her help, I'll be doing some new stuff on here - a counter, some polls, and other things..

I did manage add the blogroll over there on the left on my own, under the blogger image. (Hopefully with the queen's help, I'll be able to make it better soon.) The sites listed are the ones I go to every day, and often more than once. I hope you check them out.

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