Sunday, June 05, 2005

Bolton, Bolton, he's our man!

He'll get you fired as fast as anyone can!

You may recall one of the reasons the Democrats held up the confirmation hearing for Bolton was to - again - ask that certain documents about him be released. The White House said this was "delaying", and slightly whispered the now-anathema word filibuster.


It comes out today that one of the accusations leveled against Mr. Bolton - that he tried to fire people who didn't agree with him - is true. As Democrats had claimed for a while, and as those papers being held back may help prove, Bolton has at least once engineered the removal of someone whose opinion didn't match his own. Making it worse, this person was making moves to prevent the invasion of Iraq. The removal was later condemned as an "unacceptable violation" of principles protecting international civil servants - which does lead one to wonder what these principles are. To add fuel to the firing, this happened two weeks after Blair agreed to help Bush invade Iraq in 2002.

Bolton has at least once done what people were accusing him of doing. The White House should release those papers it's holding back to let Congress - and us - see if there is any other things in there that would be important.

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