Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Various Facts (some guaranteed to be true)

Let's see, what can I tell you?

I'm married, which probably comes as a shock to many former classmates in high school, and have one son. I also have five cats, four guys and the newest one a gal, who sits in my lap as I type this, giving me a golden-orange editorial eye. I love to read, to the tune of over 4100 books, and have too many favorite authors to name, although hopefully at some point I'll recommend some and link to them as well when I get my blog legs under me. I also love many kinds of music as well, ranging from Warren Zevon to Nine Inch Nails, the Beatles to Green Day, and Led Zeppelin to Bruce Springsteen. Okay, not bold and daring, but wide ranging.

In politics, I try to stay independent from both sides, but tend to agree more with the Democrats. However, I find both sides tend to be well represented by the single-digit IQ people and stay independent to try and keep some self-respect by not admitting that my side has people like Tom DeLay or Ted Kennedy. (There may be no "i" in team, but for these guys and several others, "me" is certainly paramount.) You'll find out more of my leanings as time goes on, since I usually end up outraged at something political once a week or more and feel the need to vent, usually to my long-suffering wife or the uncaring cats.

This C.V. is pretty much an outline; just a starting point. After all, you find out more from people when they're in conversation than when they're on a resume. While it's more than you usually discover on a first date, I'll stop with the listing and start with the posting, which will be more revealing anyway.

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