Friday, April 22, 2005

This Is Getting Scary

Let's say you're an evangelical on a power trip and you've got a feeling that the nation is going to Hell - mainly since people don't feel like you do. You could go the Pat Robertson route and run for President, but that takes too long and, well, skeletons are bound to come up. Little things easily blown out of proportion, like when your group accused a cartoon character of brainwashing kids into pro-homosexuality. (what, exactly, is pro-homosexuality? Gays who can't compete in the Olympics?) Or you could mount a campaign to have the laws you feel are wrong changed into laws you feel are right - but that can get ugly again, and you never know what will happen when people get into office. So, what's a zealot to do?

Call for the disenfranchisement of courts that rule in ways you don't like. The reliable lapdog DeLay is already spouting similar themes, saying "We set up the courts. We can unset the courts. We have the power of the purse," in a Q and A w/reporters.

Dobson and Perkins seem to have a real hatred for the courts. Dobson said regarding the Schiavo case, "Every Florida and federal judge who failed to act to spare this precious woman from the torment she was forced to endure"..." is guilty not only of judicial malfeasance — but of the cold-blooded, cold-hearted extermination of an innocent human life." And Perkins, not to be outdone, also stated, "In Terri's case, the courts have shown that they are suffering from a persistent state of arrogance,"... "Her death is a symptom of a greater problem: that the courts no longer respect human life." Now, to me, these comments are only a few steps of sanity away from people who swear the Judge/Courts/Entire Legal System is out to get them b/c they insisted on little things like parole requirements or not driving drunk, but then again, I'm not a power-mad preacher. Apparently self-appointed holiness gives one special exemptions from rationality.

So Perkins and Dobson are now saying, in essence, that courts that rule contrary to how they feel should be disbanded. Scroll to "The Inmates Are In Charge of the Asylum" to see my views on that suggestion. The Ayatollahs are in the hiz-ouse, baby!

I will close this entry with an unknown prayer that gets more relevant to me every day:

"Dear God, protect me from your followers."

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