Friday, April 29, 2005

It's Asinine - But The Original Was Worse!

How about that opening for the classic good news that isn't?

Gerald Allen, a true moron from Alabama, has proposed a bill that would not allow public school libraries to buy new copies of books that were written by gay people, or that have gay characters in them. (One wonders if this includes the Bible...) Now, that's enough to make you groan and wonder about Mr. Allen's mental stability. But get this: this is a watered-down attempt at a bill he had introduced earlier.

His first bill, the "Ayatollahs of Alabama" bill, would have banned all books that were written by gay authors, had gay characters in them, contained acts (homosexual or heterosexual) that violated Alabama sexual or sodomy statutes and any textbooks that said the homosexuality lifestyle was acceptable from school and public libraries. (You can go here to read the bill yourself - there is a download required for some reason, and it will be in .pdf form, but if you want to, search for bills sponsered by Allen and then look at HB 30) No funds could be used to purchase them, and any books that met this broad criteria would be removed from the shelves. Mr. Allen had a suggestion for what to do with them: ""I guess we dig a big hole and dump them in and bury them," he said." I'm just shocked he didn't include books that had the letters "G", "A" and "Y" in close proximity to each other - just to be sure, ya know.

I think it's a shame Freud and Gerald Allen never had a chance to meet.

Update: Color me wrong - it's just as bad as the original bill, as PolySciFi points out. Gerald Allen, Yahoo supreme. (Soon he'll change his first name to make sure his intials never spell GAY again.)

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