Saturday, April 16, 2005

Don't Hold Your Breath

One of the tossed-about arguments against Michael Schiavo was that he abused his wife. There was little to no evidence of this, mind you - a bone scan that showed damage that couldn't be traced at all was the only physical evidence anyone had, and the public testimony showed a lot of doubt about that. Of course, that didn't stop the particularly riled people from claiming that a.)Michael was killing Terri to hide abuse/because he had put her in the hospital in the first place and b.)his abuse was ongoing and continuous - ask Carla Sauer Iyer, for example.

The AP has a story today that says Florida's Department of Children and Families investigated 89 complaints of abuse and exploitation and found no evidence of either. Eighty-nine times they were called to investigate abuse or exploitation by either Michael or Terri's family (who were accused of, among other things, selling videotapes of her online) and eighty-nine times they found no evidence. You would think even the most incompetent people, after getting eighty-nine swings at a ball, would managed get a piece of it. Add the eighty-nine investigations to the long list of oversight that people seem to ignore when they argue about this case.

So, as I posted before, do you think any of the people who made such claims will step up to the plate, be mature, and apologize for their gross inaccuracies/lies? Or do you think we'll get more statements like
this from the Schindler's lawyer, David C. Gibbs:

“The third leading theory — and as you can see, the first two seem to be sort of eliminated — is that there was some form of foul play, that some form of strangulation or violence occurred, and again at the hand of the husband possibly, that actions were taken that caused her for about five minutes to not have oxygen reach into her brain.”


“Terri Schiavo was as alive as any person sitting here tonight…,” he told the crowd. “I mean, completely animated, completely responsive, desperately trying to talk.”

Lies, damned lies, and lies told to further your cause while having no shame. And this is from the so-called religious people, who say you need a God to have ethics. They claim to believe in God - where are their ethics when they tell these lies?


This truly places an ugly spin on the attempted seizure of Terri Schiavo from her nursing home on the orders on Jeb Bush. Without any reason, he tried to circumvent a court ruling by force, and the only reason there wasn't shooting was because the local police let it be known they would refuse to back down. I also note that not too many people have called him on this attempted kidnapping. I know a lot of people have been screaming about imperial judges, but what the heck would you call this action then - rule by fiat? Martial law? It's bad when one side makes its own law (which it didn't) but it's okay when MY side does, huh? Hypocrites.

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