Sunday, April 29, 2007

Yes, It's Me.

Almost a year, huh? My, you look good. Did you lose weight? Work out? You look better - been taking vitamins?

Me? What's been up with me? Why, how nice of you to ask. Would you like to take a seat, have a drink maybe?

Well, as I said way back when, I had a case of blogger burnout. I mean, come on, given some of the brain dead things going on out there in the swamp of politics, you think I had a lack of material? It just didn't seem important, or as I said way back before Hereos even premiered, I felt other people said it better. And all the other reasons back then were true as well.

But there was another reason, one that made the listed ones the thin layer of frosting on the cake.

My son was officially diagnosed autistic.

I'm not saying that's the only reason I stopped posting. We had suspected it for some time so the news wasn't out of a clear blue sky. But after that, quite often, blogging just didn't seem all too important.

He's high level, so we are very lucky there. The major issue we have is his lack of verbalness, since we often have to try and guess what he wants or needs and he can't tell us specifically how he feels, leading to many guesses about IF he's sick and HOW he's sick and HOW sick he is. There are other issues, of course, and I'll start posting about them as well in addition to my thoughts on all the other non important things. have you been?

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