Monday, April 30, 2007

A random thought

I've seen some articles on teaching the Bible as a form of literature/history in public school classes; showing its effect on thought, writing, and so on. A Bible literacy class, where students learn about the Bible but don't worship it in the process.

Of course, some people get worried that the course will turn into a religious class, where Christianity is praised and urged on the kids, rather than the Bible being studied separately from religion. (Of course there are some people who protest the class b/c it isn't so proselytizing, but these people seem to get upset when math books don't say "2+2=4, because Jesus died for you," so onwards.)

While reading a story about this, I thought, "Why not just hire an atheist or an agnostic to teach the Bible literacy class?" It probably wouldn't be a cure-all. but they certainly wouldn't try to convert anyone to Christianity.

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Debra said...

Why not add Buddhist literature, the Koran and Islamic poetry, Hindu Veddas... and create a course in Comparative Religious Literature? If it truly is to be literature class, that would be both informative and comprehensive.