Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More Moore!

Alabama Ex-Justice Roy Moore can't seem to stay out of the spotlight - he seems to have a reverse vampirism, where he craves the light beams rather than runs from them. (Also in evidence of the reverse vampirism, a love of crosses rather than a repulsion from them. What the cross - and the one who was hung on one - feels for him is still debatable.) Mr. Moore wanted to offer some arguments in the Georgia case where they had to remove stickers saying 'evolution was only a theory' (you know, like gravity, subatomics, the Big Bang, souls...) from textbooks. Mr. Moore felt the calling to offer his arguments, prolly along the lines of "Ya'll heathens be goin' to Hell 'cause of all this!" or something just as edifying and intelligent. Bill Pryor, the slightly-less-controversial U.S. Circuit Judge, refused to allow him to do so, perhaps reasoning that Mr. Moore would probably attempt to sneak in a 2-ton monument under his ego. Mr. Moore then opined that Mr. Pryor had "clear contempt for the text of the Constitution". The mind boggles at the ego of Mr. Moore, who dares to claim that since he wasn't allowed to comment in a case, it's a Constitutional violation. He and Bachus should get together one day for a refresher course in definitions. Moore also said "Federal judges like Pryor continue to be part of the problem of judicial tyranny and the erosion of our religious freedom," forgetting that Mr. Pryor had helped him for a while in his 10 Commandments case, or the 2-Tons Of Fame Case. Fair weather zealots are SO unforgiving, aren't they?

What did Mr. Moore feel he could have offered to the debate? Rhetoric? Got enough o' that. Hyperbole? Check, got that too. Religious beliefs masquerading as scientific fact? Plenty. Maybe Mr. Moore just wanted a few more press pictures of him for his scrapbook, or his ever-more-possible governor run. Either way, his contributions in the debate would have been less than worthless, a common value for him. It would be nice if he took all this ire and bluster and actually do something Jesus-like - tend the sick, help the poor, you know, all that stuff in the New Testament. I guess he got a different version, where the Golden Rule was, "Love thyself, and do get as much attention as possible."

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