Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Guess Who's Back...Back Again...

Crawling from the depths of the real world, raising a keyboard, the monster rises...


It's been a fun time here at the house Owned By Cats. The entire family was fighting a low-key bug for the last couple of weeks - first the wife, then the kid, then the wife and kid together, and finally me getting it on Thursday. Problem is, whenever >I< get something, it tends to be after everyone else has gotten over it, when it's had a chance to mutate, evolve, and kick some serious ass. Put another way, whenever I get sick, it's proof of evolution. I get the ones that got better, stronger, faster - the Lee Majors bugs.

So Thursday night I go to bed and start to shiver uncontrollably, and this doesn't stop for an hour and half/two hours. In the middle of this Saint Vitus shuffle, I get incredibly nauseous, so my poor wife makes me a little combination pallet/igloo in the bathroom, so I can freeze to death and vomit to my heart's content. When my head finally stops shaking, we take my temp. 104.5.

Long story short, we call 911, they sends the paramedics out, they tell me it's the flu, I skip the E.R., go to the doctor next day and find out I got something going on here. My lungs still have markings/straitions on them from way back when I got pneumonia back in February, my WBC is up...I'm not hypochondriac, seems to be the bottom line. So I think you guys can understand why the posts have been as rare as admission of mistakes from the Bush Administration.

But now I'm up and moving, feeling moderately better, and will attempt a few posts. You have been warned.

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